These corrections have been resolved however, some of the first patterns and or kits do not have these updates.
NOTE: Make certain that your pattern has these changes already (is corrected), before proceeding with corrections!


-For kits purchased from a company other than ours or if you are using your own fabrics, this is the info needed for pieces TB and BB. The fabric measurement for BB (Beak Backing), is included in the measurement for Fabric #6 on the back cover and is the 6″ x 6″ piece. The fabric for TB is included in the measurement for Fabric #11 on the back cover and is the 6″ x 10″ piece.

-This is not a correction but useful information. If you purchase a kit please note that it contains two pieces of Fabric #12. Set the larger aside for binding and use the smaller piece to fuse the face and body piece #12’s on.

-Page 2. Piece W7-#10 is not reversed. To solve this, place Page 2. on a window or use a light box and trace piece W7-#10 from the back, it will now be in correct position when fused.


-Some kits contain fabric #4 (background) measuring 17″ x 21 1/2″ while the pattern calls for 17″ x 22″. This size allows for 1/4″ seams on both sides however it falls short vertically. We suggest allowing the 1/4″ seam at the bottom of the guide and allowing the horses ears to extend further into the border at the top which actually makes it stand out more and is very appealing. Please write or call if this is not a satisfactory option and we will be happy to assist you.

-Piece “H18” on the horses ear should read “H8”           Mistral Corrections 9-17-12


-The owls toenail should read F3 Under “Fabrics” #8. Change to Khaki, cut two 1″ strips X WOF (inner border) #9. is Toast



-Step 8. Place fused eye section back on. Pin back the tuft of feathers on the head and on the right side of the neck, when satisfied with placement,fuse all pieces in place, when cool, peel the entire project off of the pressing sheet.

-Under “Building” Place pieces B1 through B22, is actually B1 through B23.


– Back cover: Fabric #7 1895 Black — Change from 1/3 yd to 1/4 yd.

-Instructions: Fabric #7 Black — Fabric requirements for the inner border should be changed to “cut two 1″ strips x WOF for inner border”.

-Instructions: Fabric #10 Onyx (outer border) — Add ” cut two 3″ strips X WOF for outer border and two 2 1/2″ x WOF strips for binding”.

“Lazy Days”

       Lazy Days corrections 7-04-11

“Pride and Joy”


Pride and Joy Corrections7-04-11

“Back Forty”

Back Forty Corrections 2-25-12